Monday, July 7, 2008

Stadium Of Fire

Happy Fourth of July! The Tueller family rocked out with Miley Cyrus at the Stadium Fire. We had a great time and the kids were so good. Even Mia loved all the much so she fell asleep towards the end of the fireworks show. We all showed our holiday spirit dressing in red white and blue except for Dani who had to show Miley she was a fan! I was glad I made the Hannah Montana shirt purchase at JC Penney for only $8.99 the day before. Dani would have been out of luck at the concert. 30 bucks for a t-shirt is a little steep for my budget. We also got to see the Blueman Group. They are incredible. Before we left for the concert the kids were so excited they didn't eat a lot of their dinner. So we snacked on snow cones, frozen lemonade, cotton candy, hot dogs and pretzels. Brock during Miley's part told us he was sooo hungry. So daddy took him to get a hot dog. He must of been hungry he ate all his dog plus most of Daddy's. My 3 year old eating 2 hot dogs. Does any one feel sorry for what my food budget might be when he gets to be a teenager? Then came the fireworks! They were so beautiful. After the big show we ventured back to the car...a very long walk and then a very long ride in all the traffic to get home. The kids were tired and so was mommy and daddy. A good day...we created a great family memory!


Kristen said...

I can't believe Dani is old enough to be a Miley Cirus fan!! What a fun way to spend your 4th!