Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mia Moo Moo

She is cute. She is funny. She is snuggly. She says da da. She says ba ba. She's a cutie patutie and I like to read books to here. We are best buddies. We are the best sisters. We are a happy family. (by Dani about her sister Mia)

I wuv Mia so much. (by Brock about his sister Mia)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Dani turns 6 with a beach party bash...hawaiian style. We had everyone come! It was a big party and Dani got a lot of nice presents! Thank you to all who gave such sweet gifts. Here she is blowing out her candles on her tropical flower cup cakes. We also played lots of water games. Life is good for Dani!

My Little Iron Chef

Brock was invited to Emma Houghton's 4th birthday party. As you can see the theme was cooking. They frosted cookies and cupcakes and played games. He was so excited when he got home to tell us all the yummy details. Look out Bobby Flay!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Barbie Jeepin'

How cute is this? The kids love to ride all over the backyard in Dani's Barbie Jeep. Santa brought her this special gift and she loves it! Even little Mia would stay in the jeep all day if I let her. She LOVES it too! Brock is a good little driver. It's nice that Dani will share drive time with her brother. Both of them have "off roading" experience now. When they're not riding in the the jeep they make sure it's parked in just the right spot.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Sun and Bubblegum Ice cream

Mondays can be rough...right? Not today. Dani and Brock played and played all afternoon with friends Halle and Westin. After slathering up with 50 spf sunscreen and turning on the hose..summer had begun, with one sprinkler game after another. Soon after though the stomachs started to grumble, mom came to the rescue with cheese quesadillas and sliced strawberries. After lunch the fun continued...more sprinkler games and then came the bubblegum ice cream cones. What a day. I think they will sleep well tonight!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Our Graduate Of 2008

Yes it's official, Dani is a Kindergarten Graduate. The event came filled with pomp and circumstance and an adorable musical program. Her teacher, Miss Sorenson made costumes for the kids to wear during their performance of the Mexican Hat Dance. Dani tells us her skirt was "radical red". Don't worry we got the whole dance on video. She also had a special singing part in the the song "tingolao, come little donkey come". She performed beautifully! First Grade here we come!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mia Emmeline Tueller

Mia makes three. The movie Princess Diaries inspired us to name her Mia. What a princess she is. She is a good baby and so easy to take care of. Still no owners manual came with her but for some reason I'm more confident in my mothering abilities the third time around. At 9 months she has spunk. I know one day when I'm not looking she is going to get up and run outside with her big sister and brother. She watches their every move. Dani and Brock are very good at bringing out her best belly laughs. You can't help but giggle.

Brock Wilcken Tueller

Child number 2, My little Brock Man. There is always a new adventure for me with him. I'm the oldest of five girls, what do I know about little boys? I know a little now. Brock never slows down. When he gets something in is head there is no changing his mind. We have melt down proof! He is so loving. He loves his sisters and everyday he tells me. "I love ya". If he could he would fill his room with dollar store glow sticks and break the world record for longest time on a swing. He is also very excited to start swimming lessons soon. He is our little fish!

Danielle Lee Tueller

It was six years ago last weekend that I became a mother. What a rewarding responsibility it is to be a mommy. I love Dani so much! I always say it's trial and error with her. She did not come with an owners manual. Dani is a happy busy bee. She is always creating something. One day it might be a gourmet meal of toast and jam. Another day it may be a soup concoction of leaves, grass and mommy's diet coke. Next, maybe a hat out of an old box. On most days her creativity makes me very tired. She will fall asleep mid sentence most nights and wakes up ready to go every morning. Her kindergarten year was a huge success. She reads like a pro and just like her mommy and Grandpa Wilcken is a math wiz. She loves to write, hey..maybe we have a novelist on our hands. She also is a very social little girl. We invited a few (20) of her closest friends to her birthday party last weekend. Good thing mommy made lots of treat sacks because 18 of the friends came. Boy was I tired after that party. Who out there can say they have entertained 18 along with a few extras... a 6 and under crowd for two hours?

The Tueller Troop

I feel sometimes that the days are going too fast. Dani is now 6 years old, finished with kindergarten and getting smarter by the minute. Brock is my cute little dude who comes up with the funniest things to say way beyond his 3 years. Mia is already 9 months. I can see it in her eyes she wants to run and play with the big kids. The digital photos are piling up on the computer and the scrapbooks are sitting empty on the shelve in the office. So here is my answer...Blog addiction. I told Dan that if I did start a family blog I would be addicted. So here it goes.