Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And The Winner Is?...Cancun 09

Some of you may know, Dan enjoys listening to Rush on the KNRS "family values" radio station every once in a while....OK everyday! Well his conservative talk show habit won us a free trip to Cancun. An all inclusion vacation to the Ocean Maya Resort. Ya I didn't believe it either until we were laying on the beach that first day in Mexico.

We renewed our passports. Flew in my Mom to stay with the kids. Packed our bags and off we went. We had a fabulous time sleeping in, relaxing in the sun, walking on the beach, and eating chips and fresh guacamole until we were stuffed. It was so nice to have time together with no kid interruptions. We actually made it through a meal with out a spilled drink but by the end of the 5 days we were very homesick for our babies.

It seems crazy that nine years ago in May that we were in Cancun for our Honeymoon. How time flies when you're having fun raising a family! What a wonderful trip I got to go on with my sweetheart, the five days in December of 2009 as well as the nine years being married to him.

The trip was and is a success.