Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Easter Festivities 2010

After every holiday I always ask myself, "Did we make good memories for the kids?". As you can see by the photos I think we did. I love Easter time!

We celebrated first with coloring Easter Eggs. This is serious business in our home...with two designers in the house what would you expect. :)

We then had the Easter Bunny visit leaving lots of treats and a garage and car for the Zue Zue Pets. (FYI Zue Zue Pets will be the closets thing to a rodent ever becoming a pet in our house!)

We also watched General Conference and felt the Spirit in our home. We then had a wounderful family dinner at Aunt Jenny's house ending with a Easter egg hunt the kids loved.

Growing up it was always a fun tradition to for me to get a new Easter Dress for Sunday. I have continued that tradition with my own family. I loved how the outfits turned out this year. Both Dani and Mia look so cute in pink. Brock who hates wearing tight things around his neck looked so handsome in his new blue shirt and tie. Life is good! ...and here's too making more great family memories!