Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brock Turns 5!

Here it is the middle of December...I better get with it! My boy turned 5 over a month ago and I'm just now getting around to blog about it. OK here is the the play by play. First you must know Dan and I were taking some pictures for a work project and accidentally reformatted the memory card in our camera with Brock's birthday photos on it. I was SOOOO sad! What is a mother to do when she has no photos of that special day. Well I'm going to document it here! We started the day with taking treats to his preschool class. We bagged up some candy, a pencil and stickers for each kid. Brock handed them out along with a capri sun to drink. After school it was home to hear "When do we leave for my pirate party mom?" 150,000 times! We took Brock, Christian, Janice, Rees, Abby, Dani, Mia, Aunt Ashlee, Aunt Jenny, Uncle Seth, Uncle Steve, Melissa, Elle, Cassie and Jordan to Pirate Island Pizza. (so sad that the Barkers were home sick with the flu and couldn't make it.) We reserved the special underwater mermaid room. We ate Pizza and played games and more games. Each kid was given a pirate hat and eye patch along with a loot bag filled with candy. After the pizza and games, we opened gifts and ate chocolate cupcakes that I had made. (I made a version of the photo above.) I asked Brock what he liked the most about his special day and he said "all the tickets I got for the games! and the cake!" My baby boy is growing up too fast! He is so lovable and still loves to snuggle with his mommy...I hope that lasts forever. Hope you had a great Birthday Brocky! We love you!


Amy said...

Oh so sweet! Kids grow up too fast! He's so cute! You always have fun ideas for your kids birthdays. What a good mom you are.

Fred & Charlene said...

It sounds like you had a terrific birthday, Brock!!
Your Grandpa Tueller tells us some of the cute things you say, like," Make me proud Dad."
Brock, you are just too cute!!!