Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Smile for the Camera

Look how they have grown. I'm so excited about the new photos we captured of the kids. I only trust my friend Kimberly to take pictures of these precious people! She is so talented and if you are in need of some new photos go here: I highly recommend!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas!

To all our friends and family,

We had hoped to send Christmas greetings your way with a one of a kind special "stacy&dan" designed card but for reasons too many to list here the cards didn't make it in the mail...they didn't even make it to the drawing board. When I realized the cards were just not going to happen I promised myself I would send all of you our love and well wishes for a Happy New Year "blog" style.

As you can see from the photos The Tueller Troop had a wonderful Christmas. We celebrated Star Valley style and had a blast. Thank you Santa for bringing us so many gifts.

Dan is working for Focus, has been for a year now and is doing well. He designs mostly web sites and is really good at we he does.

Dani is whizzing through the first grade and is a social butterfly. She plans after school gatherings with her friends including tea parties, cookies and crafts.

Brock is such a character. We asked him why he was so cute and his reply was "cause I'm made out of playdoh". There isn't a moment he sits still. Drives mommy crazy!

Mia is our little sweetie. She's walking now and loves to help mommy reorganize every drawer and cupboard in the house.

and now me...Stacy is busy with perfecting her mothering skills. I think it will take an eternity. When all her chores are done (ya right) and the kids are tucked in bed she loves to work on freelance projects and browse the Internet. She's loving the facebook craze.

We hope to find you all well and wish you the best. Keep in touch!

Dan, Stacy, Dani, Brock, and Mia.