Monday, October 27, 2008

Working Mommy

You're probably all thinking..."Stacy must not love her blog anymore. It's been almost two months since she has posted any news." Well part of the reason life has torn her way from blog land is I took on a freelance project to do all the design work for Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point, along with the Scream Asylum in Provo. All billboards, posters, tickets, ads, you name it I did it. Now that it has come to an end. I can return to my posting responsibilities. Check back daily I have two months to get caught up on and I think I might have to post multiple times a day to get it all in. Power Posting here I come. These pictures are of one morning after Dani has left for school, my two assistants help me check email. I love that I get to be home with my kids. And when times need that I work a little I can still be at home.


Cynthia's Blog said...

Gotta love that photo of Mia playing with the electric outlet! Zing!