Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Cowgirl!

Mia turned two last Saturday. Can you believe my baby is two already! We love this little girl. There is not a day goes by that she doesn't make us laugh. She is a cuddly, fun loving, very smart toddler. She learns new words everyday. Today she has almost mastered "popsicle". She loves to keep Mom and Dad on their toes. She is not a big fan of clothes as we found that out in the middle of church when she stripped down to just her diaper. Dan quickly picked her up and took her to the hallway and tried to convince her to put her dress back on with out her having a terrible two melt down. She decided that would be ok to put the dress back on but the shoes were out of the question.

We celebrated Mia's big day cowgirl style. We invited family and friends over for bbq ribs and chicken and a little rodeo. I decided to make cute homemade crafty stick horse for all the little party guests. I made 20 of them! I was up pretty late on a couple of occasions but it was well worth it. The kids loved them. Dan came up with special names for all 20 with a little bio about each horse. The kids were presented with an adoption certificate with these names and cute stories on them. Dan is so creative...we had horses named Willow, Stardust, Buck, Rocky and Twilight...just to name a few. We finished off the night with a sheriff badge shaped cake and lots of ice-cream. (Thanks Frys for the yummy ice-cream!)